Like Sharp Clean Lines On Your Case? Check The Lian Li Q58

Source: TechPowerUp Like Sharp Clean Lines On Your Case?  Check The Lian Li Q58

A Minimalist Mix Of Aluminium, Steel Mesh, And Tempered Glass

ITX cases are becoming far easier to find thanks to numerous companies releasing brand new models for people to chose from, one of the newest being the $120 Lian Li Q58; $150 if you order the PCIe 4.0 riser instead of sticking with the PCIe 3.0 version, and the white version costs adds yet another $10 to the price.  The case measures 342 x 170 x 250mm (13.5×6.7×9.8″ or 14.5L) and is capable of housing up to a 67mm tall heatsink, a 320 mm, triple-slot GPU and an ATX PSU of up to 160 mm.

The case outputs include a single USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C, one USB 3.0 and an audio combo jack. For cooling you can choose to install two 120/140mm fans, or the equivalent radiator on the top and a 120mm fan on the bottom, unless you opt for an ATX PSU in which case you are limited to a single 120/140mm fan on the top.

The thermals were quite decent, with TechPowerUp suggesting investing in an SFX PSU to allow you to fit more cooling at the top.  The internals are somewhat different from the normal thanks to the design, however not enough to make working on it unpleasant.  Pop by TechPowerUp for further details.

The Lian Li Q58 is the company's take on a modern ITX enclosure. Aiming to walk the line between ventilation while also providing windows to view your hardware, the Q58 features split panels that swing open. On top of that, you may opt for large AIO cooling or ATX PSU as well - making the Q58 a beautiful and versatile option for your next build.

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