The OWC Envoy Pro SX Is An Impressive Thunderbolt NVMe Drive

Source: Tweaktown The OWC Envoy Pro SX Is An Impressive Thunderbolt NVMe Drive

An Aura P12 Drive With A Phison E12, Connected Via The JHL6340 Thunderbolt​ Controller

OWC is generally considered to be strictly designing products for Apple but occasionally they release a product that is useful for everyone.  The Envoy series is one such product, and the Envoy Pro SX is a great example as long as you have a machine with USB-C and especially good if it supports Thunderbolt 3.  They don’t even charge much of an Apple tax, the 480GB model Tweaktown tested sells for $249.99.

The aluminium casing is well designed and should protect the Aura P12 SSD which comes installed or whichever drive you might choose to install later on.  With that specific drive Tweaktown saw sequential performance of 2816 MB/s read, and 1521 MB/s write and an average performance of 906 MB/s on their custom sustained file copy test. 

Check out the full results here.

OWC's Envoy Pro SX might be one of the best available portable Thunderbolt and solid state storage solutions on the market.

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