The Quiet Chieftec Polaris 1050W PSU

Source: TechPowerUp The Quiet Chieftec Polaris 1050W PSU

A High Scoring English PSU

Chieftec is somewhat hard to find in North America, but overseas it has a decent market share and is generally considered one of the main PSU suppliers for enthusiasts.  After taking a look at TechPowerUp’s review you might even consider getting one if you spot one for sale at a decent price.   It sports a familiar 80 PLUS Gold rating, as well as two you might not have heard before, from Cybenetics.  They rate it a Platinum for efficiency, as well as a Cybenetics Standard S++ noise rating which indicates an average 30–35 dBA noise output when running.

The fully modular Chieftec Polaris 1050W uses a single 12V rail topping out at 87.5A and it comes with all the various protective features you are used to from NA PSUs.  The internals are fully on display as TPU dissected the Polaris 1050W, finding a mix of high and moderate quality components inside.  Overall it is a decent PSU with some small flaws, but as it is almost half the price of other kilowatt PSUs there were some compromises to be made.

At €125, the Chieftec Polaris 1050 is a good deal, offering high efficiency levels and decent performance. For those in need of a strong PSU, there aren't many options in this price range. If you don't mind the short warranty of only two years, you should consider this product.

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