The Vertically Gifted HYTE Revolt 3 ITX Chassis

Source: TechPowerUp The Vertically Gifted HYTE Revolt 3 ITX Chassis

It’s Not Quite A TARDIS But It Is Big On The Inside

The HYTE Revolt 3 SFF ITX case was teased at CES 2021 but it is just now being released, and as an apology to the fans who already paid for the case, there will be 200 shipped out in a special, individually numbered flight case.  It is available in black or white, with the black model being reviewed at TechPowerUp.  You can pick it up now for $130 or if you prefer you can order it with an 700W SFX-L PSU for $250.

The case measures 253 x 178 x 409 mm (10x7x16″), but is still capable of handling a 13″ long GPU, a CPU cooler of up to 140mm, up to six 120mm fans or swap two of those for a 280mm radiator of up to 35 mm thick.  Externally the case offers a USB Type-C pass-through, two USB 3.0 ports and it even still has a combo audio jack.

As you can see in the picture, there is a lot of airflow through the case thanks to the open design, with a removable mesh screen on the inside to protect against dust.  While the temperatures TPU saw were quite good for such a small enclosure, if you run into troubles removing that screen has a significant effect on thermal performance. 

The review is here, for those that dare.

The Hyte Revolt 3 is a compact ITX chassis with a handle, and a holder for your headphone. Even though small, the internal layout centers around the ability to hold a 280 mm AIO as well as a long, beefy GPU, making this both a unique and interesting choice for those looking to build a compact high-performance gaming rig.

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