Wireless Gaming Audio With Razer Barracuda X And Immerse Hive

Source: Neoseeker Wireless Gaming Audio With Razer Barracuda X And Immerse Hive

7.1 Surround Sound, THX Spatial Audio Costs You Another $10 – $20

The fact that the Razer Barracuda X has paid for DLC is likely to turn at least a few people off, having to pay an extra $10 in addition to the ~$100 price tag of the Barracuda X or $20 if you don’t buy the license with the headset is not going to sit well with some people.  The good news is you don’t have to pay for it, you can get 7.1 surround sound encoding on Windows 10 64-bit from the headset natively.

Along with the Barracuda X, Neoseeker also reviewed the Immerse Hive software provided by Embody, that is supposed to offer you a ‘personalized spatial audio experience’ when gaming.  In other words, if you pay $14.99US per year, or $39.99US for a 5 year plan then you will get visual cues on your screen when the software detects audio sources.  In other words, if someone is sneaking up behind you in a game you don’t have to worry about not hearing them; the software will pop up a visual cue where they are in relation to you.

If you aren’t completely turned off yet, drop by Neoseeker for a look at a headset with 40mm Razer TriForce drivers, a detachable HyperClear Cardioid microphone and up to 20 hours of battery life as well as the optional DLC.

The Barracuda X features 20 hour battery life, 40mm drivers and 7.1 surround sound (on Windows 10), while the Immerse Hive allows users to customize a 360 degree spatial audio sound profile automatically using a photograph of their right ear.

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