All The Ray Tracing And DLSS Games Available Or On The Way

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN All The Ray Tracing And DLSS Games Available Or On The Way

If It Launches On Console Too Then It’s DXR, Not RTX

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN have compiled a list of upcoming games which will support NVIDIA’s DLSS as well as the ones which will have ray tracing of some type supported at launch.  While they didn’t break out the ray tracing games into the open source DXR and NVIDIA’s proprietary RTX based ray tracing there are two rules of thumb which you can keep in mind.  If it is built on the new Unreal Engine then it supports DXR; same if it is launching on console seeing as how they are powered by AMD.  This would be perhaps the first time it is good news that a game is being launched on both PC and console.

The DLSS games will indeed need an NVIDIA card to take advantage of the performance boost at high resolutions, but there is a chance the game might also support AMD’s FSR … a small one to be sure but still not impossible.   As you would expect, there is a lot of crossover between the games which support DLSS and those which support ray tracing; with the DLSS list being slightly larger.

The list of games which currently support these technologies is far more impressive than it was a year ago and suggests that for gamers an RTX card is the way to go.  The problem is that there aren’t any for sale at reasonable prices, so for now you should grab any card you can find for sale at or around MSRP that offers the performance level you want, for that will be the best card for you.

The list of games that support ray tracing and DLSS is embiggening all the time, and it’s not just new games launching with the prettifying tech baked in. Deathloop, for one, has just been updated to add DLSS alongside its existing AMD FSR support, while (relative) old timers like Rise of the Tomb Raider are getting DLSS too.

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