Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk Review

Manufacturer: Flexispot Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk Review

I was in the market for some new home office furniture after recently getting rid of various pieces. Conveniently Flexispot contacted us and asked if we would like to review one of their height adjustable desks in their Kana Pro series. Soon after a 55” x 28” desk top in bamboo with their EC8 frame was on the way.

Flexispot offers different desk styles, feature lines, DIY desk component parts and workspace accessories. It appears to me that the main differences between their Kana Pro line and their less expensive units amounts to certain additional bracing between the posts, an under table cable tray, a higher quality control unit and rounded corners on the posts themselves. Do not under rate those rounded corners on the posts as the squared-off ones can be knee killers. (I would be happy to add more differences if I become aware of them at a later date).

Product Specifications
  • Flexispot Pro Bamboo Standing Desk
  • Dimensions: 55” x 28” Rectangle (as reviewed)
  • Other Sizes Available:
    • 48” x 24”
    • 60” x 30”
    • 72” x 30”
    • 78” x 30”
  • Desk shape available in Rectangle or Curved
  • Material: Bamboo, 0.7” thick
  • EC8 Pro 3-stage Frame Specifications:
    • Dual Motor
    • 3-stage section legs
    • Adjustable Height: 23.6” – 49.2”
    • Adjustable Width: 43.3” – 74.8” (set during assembly)
    • Loading Capacity: Up to 275lbs
    • Applicable Desktop Sizes: 47.2 – 80” in width
    • Four Memory Presets on keypad control
    • LED digital height display
    • Anti-collision and child lock controls
    • USB charge port
    • 7 Year frame warranty

$529.00 as tested. Starting at $499 for the 48” x 24” top up to $699 for a 78” x 30” top.

Manufacturer Description

“Streamline Aesthetics – An uniquely designed standing desk that brings an extra aesthetic appeal to your working space.
Bamboo Desktop – Nothing beats the elegance of natural bamboo strip built into an ergonomic desk. It has twice the durability of ordinary wood, and a lacquer coating to help resist scratches, water and insects.”

Options & Accessories

For their line of height adjustable desks, Flexispot has a few options and accessories. Those include a couple of interesting selections that I do not see so often, like the curved desktop front edge or the optional ABS cable snake to more neatly get your wires up off the floor while still allowing the run to be flexible. Visually it reminds me of Doc Octavia to be honest. They also have many more typical accessories like pop-up power / USB and monitor mounts.

Packaging & Delivery

The entire desk came packaged and delivered separately between the tabletop and the stand, not sure if that’s usual but be prepared for different arrival times. As a simple measure of material, the tabletop weighed in at a respectable 25lbs while the boxed motorized stand tipped the scales at a hefty 75lbs. The desk top itself ships very well protected, with extra beefy corners. Turns out, I am actually a big fan of the bamboo wood grain. The assembly instructions were clear, and the hardware was accurately labeled.

Flexispot nicely includes a “Thank You” card, a catalog of products & options, some rather good assembly instructions, and a return form if anything is wrong. I am going to interpret this to mean that customer service is a priority for them and they are paying attention to this aspect of delivering a self-assembled product like this. Anything can happen in the Shipper Zone. My packages were complete and undamaged, so no need to contact them. Did I mention they have a 7 year warranty on Kana Pro EC8 motorized frame? One year on the desktop through, which is understandable.

Flexispot - Instructions & Controls

Powered Desk: Assemble!

Putting the whole thing together only took about an hour, most of the holes are pre-drilled or machined. The central screws attaching the frame in the middle of the desk might need to be predrilled (I did), but be careful not to punch through to the top face. I believe they are not pre-drilled because the frame center support is adjustable in this area to accomodate desk tops of varying width.

Most of the mounting holes are pre-drilled, making assembly go quite easy and fast. The dual lifting motors are good for up to 275lbs, so of course I got on the table and rode it up and down a few times. I mean, of course I did. Worked awesome. Stability is surprisingly good at full extension I might add. A little bit of wobble for sure, but not noticeable while using it to actually do standing work. The control panel has pre-drilled holes for mounting at either your right or left. There are 4 height memory options, and force sensitive reversal – much like a garage door. Picture this being useful not so much on the way up, but for something that gets underneath the desk, and sits in the way during movement back down.

Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk Review - General Tech 29

Operation and Thoughts

The Flexispot Kana Pro desk operates very smoothly and quickly, without significant mechanical whine. The height control panel is touch sensitive, so the buttons are not likely to wear out. They are also capable of operating the motors to a very small degree of adjustment, which was much appreciated. Speaking of appreciation, I did like the inclusion of the central side-to-side cable channel, but it hangs slightly lower and it is possible to give it a good smash with your knee if you’re careless. Like me. That’s where table height adjustment in fractional inches comes in handy. The digital height display seemed accurate as well. The individually adjustable feet are useful when using the desk to straddle a partially carpeted surface, as pictured, to level the desk.

Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk Review - General Tech 34


This is not my first adjustable height desk, as I have assembled another one from an IKEA top and another dual motor stand from a different manufacturer. I would have so say this Kana Pro with EC8 frame from Flexispot has a higher quality desk top, the frame is a bit heavier duty and the motors operate far more quickly then my other desk. I believe the control unit here is also significantly better on the Flexispot with it’s force sensitive reverse and child lockout. The bamboo table top was great looking, had no flaws at all from what I could tell, with a solid and smooth feel. I would give the nod to them on quality in both use and assembly experience at this point.

The remaining question really, is it worth the price? At the listed price of around $500 for this unit as tested, it’s tough to give this my Editors Choice. My impression is the components are very robust and as a package are highly functional. Additionally, the company seems focused on customer support. Flexispot does make less expensive tables, with squared off support legs and different control units. Check them out and definitely feature / price shop on the Flexispot site, as they have an option to fit just about anyone’s needs plus they have some interesting accessories to trick out your adjustable desk if you already use one.

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  1. Justin

    I’m in the market for a new desk too, and it seems crazy to not go for an adjustable model these days.

    Do you find the 28″ depth to be enough? I guess I could always mount my 27″ monitor instead of using the stand.

    • Brett VanSprewenburg

      The 28″ depth actually is working out just fine so far, as the viewing distance for the larger monitor is good without having to push that back further. Putting a larger monitor on a mounted arm is the right idea though. For the laptop, again it’s about viewing distance. Even if it was just with the laptop alone, you would still have to easily reach the keyboard. I think the depth is a consideration for other “stuff” or if you were using a desktop. Consider getting a way to hang that underneath IMO.


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