Gate All Around! Samsung’s 2nm Process Node

Source: The Register Gate All Around!  Samsung’s 2nm Process Node

Get Those Transistors All Up In Your Gate

Processors built on a 3nm node are not that far off, with TSMC expecting to be selling wafers of 3nm chips by 2024 while Samsung expects to be shipping their first 3nm products late next year.  Samsung isn’t slacking off just because they expect to be first to market either, as they are making progress on their 2nm node according to information at The Register.

These new nodes are moving from the current FINFET which makes up the current generation of magic electrical sand to a Gate All Around design, also know as GAAFET or MBCFET.  Instead of the transistors sticking out from the gate like a fish fin the transistors are more fully integrated into the gate and have increased contact area while at the same time reducing the leakage inherent in the FINFET design.

In addition to brand new nodes, Samsung have also refined both their 17nm and 14nm lines.  That might seem far less exciting than 2nm, but it will mean better memory performance on many mobile devices as well as IoT; not that it will make the latter any more secure.

Samsung has added a 2nm process node to its foundry roadmap, and said products built with the new tech should go in sale in 2025.

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