Hush! Kailh Wants You To Look In Their BOX Right Now

Source: TechPowerUp Hush! Kailh Wants You To Look In Their BOX Right Now

Meet The Kailh BOX Keyboard And New BOX Hush Switches

The mechanical keyboard market, unlike the actual keyboards themselves, keep adding new keys to an already crowded space.  On the other hand, the keyboards continue to sell at extremely high volumes which proves there is a market for them.  Into this market space comes not just a new keyboard from Kailh but also new switches to please your digits.  As you can see, purchasing a keyboard from a switch manufacturer is a somewhat different experience than usual, for the keyboard arrives with some assembly required.

There are no keycaps installed and the four arrow keys are missing switches, which you will find in a small bottle along with a BOX Red switch,a  a spare keycap and a even housing to make a BOX switch keychain to show just how depraved your love of all things keyboard truly is.  This also gives you a chance to examine the actual switches and compare them to the included Red version as well as any other switches you might have at hand.  The PBT keycaps come attached to the top plate, so you can snap them in fairly easily.

How do the new Kailh BOX Hush switches compare to others, and how well implemented is this 65% keyboard, not to mention the Hexgears M105 Mouse which feature Kailh’s own V&S Switch all you have to do is click the link.

Kailh wants to quieten things down a few notches with the all-new BOX Hush mechanical switch for keyboards and the equally new V&S switch for mice. We examine both in detail, focusing on the former courtesy the provided Kailh BOX keyboard made by Hexgears and the latter with the Hexgears M105 mouse.

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