It’s Far Cry 6 Day … Unless You Are Still Beta Testing BF2042

Source: Guru of 3D It’s Far Cry 6 Day … Unless You Are Still Beta Testing BF2042

What You Need To Play It, And A Look At If You Should

Far Cry 6’s arrival was somewhat overshadowed by a mostly open beta which came out at the same time, but there are some who would rather wander around an island alone over enjoying the scintillating conversations which come with online multiplayer shooters.  If you do plan to fire up Far Cry 6 the good news is it works well on both AMD and NVIDIA systems, even if AMD was the primary partner.  It will give you a chance to try out FidelityFX Super Resolution, the open source alternative to NVIDIA’s DLSS, regardless of the manufacturer of your card.

If you are aiming for 1080p an old RX 5500 XT or GTX 1070 Ti is all you need to hit 60FPS, though even the best can hit 100FPS if you have a monitor with a high refresh rate.   For those more comfortable at 1440p, well from AMD you’ll want at least an RX 5600 XT or Vega RX 64; to maintain 60FPS NVIDIA the RTX 2060 SUPER is as low as you can go.  At this resolution you will need at least an RX 6800 or RTX 3080 Ti to maintain 100FPS.  For the 4K crowd an RTX 3070 Ti or RX 6800 will let you play around 60FPS, with the mighty RTX 3090 and RX 6900 XT barely maintaining 80FPS.

This changes a bit when Guru3D brought in DX12 Ray Tracing, even at 1440p an RX 6800 or RTX 3080 struggles to hit 80FPS.  It is well worth noting that performance on NVIDIA and AMD cards of roughly equivalent power is within a frame or three; the RTX series does not enjoy the huge performance margins you see from NVIDIA’s ray tracing solution.

As for the game itself you can visit Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN for a spoiler free review.  They sum up Far Cry 6, and it’s predecessors very nicely; “You are Pavlov’s dog with an AK-47 slung on your back, given treats for every location you visit, for every quest you complete, for travelling to and fro between each and every map marker“.  They also hint at the new Supremo backpacks and Resolver weapons features in this game, the former being a little like a timed super ability while the latter brings a bit of Far Cry New Dawn flavour to your arsenal … only more so.

AMD sponsored the game in this round, and it shows, as the game works exceptionally well on Radeon graphics cards from this manufacturer. In addition to that, Raytracing and FSR are supported for both Radeon and GeForce graphics cards, respectively (it is an open standard).

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  1. collie man

    I’m kinda surprised you didn’t talk about the single thread nightmare.

    So it, for some reason or other, as multiple benchmarks has shown, it maxes out one thread during gameplay, and that stress seems to be the major bottleneck, not the graphics card. It does seem to use multiple cores in normal ways but stresses out one thread to it’s break point and is causing SO MANY PROBLEMS. And I’m not talking old low end cores, it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s an old bulldozer or a day old i9, one thread is maxed and nothing runs quite right. There are also random slow downs that dont seem to have any rime or reason, just turn a corner and go down to 2 fps for no reason then recover for no reason. There’s tons of other bugs, and plenty of it is annoying, not cyber-whatever bad but pretty annoying: The driving AI is broken, there is wall/floor clipping, draw distances keep changing, cutsceens are forced 30fps and that can hurt the eyes when you are hitting 120 peaks PLUS day one on ultrawide the cutsceens were stretched instead of letterboxed but at least they fixed that…. so much more. Nothing game breaking but pretty annoying.

    So OFCOURCE I have it, collie loves me some F.C’s, but this is the weakest one I’ve ever played, and I’m rather disappointed. It’s fun enough, when it works right, but it’s so nothing special it’s hard to get deep into, most of the gameplay changes are just taking away things that worked and adding annoyances, so much of what they were clearly trying to innovate on seems to have been “executived” out into something easy and stupid, and the world building, OH SHIT THE WORLD BUILDING. Love ’em or hate ’em far cry games from the past created very cohesive worlds with captivating stories and complicated almost anti villains played by actors who became the roll. This one is slapped together, Dani is serious, everyone else is silly, and the bad guy is a cookie cutter stereotype evil dictator, played by a fine actor but it feels someone reading lines, not a real person who lives in a real world. PLUS, they changed gamepad button layout in tiny ways for NO REASON that just pisses me the fuck off. Yes, it can all be fully remapped but its ALWAYS been A to open parachute, WHY THE FUCK DID THEY SWITCH IT TO B? Why would they do that? Piss me off, that’s why.

    I’ve actually got LOTS of other things that are annoying me about this UBI outing, I’m gonna play through, probably a few times, but it’s NEVER going to be played and replayed on loup like FC5 did for me, that game ate me in, this one is just kinda fun.

    Oh, and the horse riding sucks and drop frames like nothing else. Not happy Ubi. Collie. Not. Happy.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      Knew I was smart not to even think about buying it right off the bat. Sounds like it might be one I skip.

      • collie man

        Yea Jer, it’s probably one you can skip. I’m not even done ranting about it.

        True, there’s plenty of fun to be had I’ll admit, treasure hunts and exploring and to some extent the combat, but they fucked the dog in so many ways. The number one “Why the fuck did they do this?” is the bullet types. Guns need to be customised with the type of ammo they will use, So if you use “Soft Body” bullets they work super well on un-armored baddies, but they are useless on armored units…. makes sence, however “Armor piercers” work super well on armored units, but are WEAKER THAN SPIT on non armored baddies…. HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT LOGIC WORK?!?!?!?! Yea, that dude has armor pierces in his gun but that’s ok, I got a t-shirt on. Very frustrating to keep switching. So they try to force you to have deep considerations to the loadout you have before you walk into a situation BUT you can pause anytime during battle and change your loadout, SO WHAT’S THE FUCKING POINT!!!!. And then there’s the gear, you don’t get skills this time, instead every piece of clothing has a diffrent power to it, and you are expected to just keep shifting things around every few mins or just get fucked by enemys, these gloves makes you faster, these gloves protect from fire, those ones protect from poison gas, make sure you have the right one or you have no chance in most situations. It’s just not a fun mechanic.

        But the worst of the worst is the frame drops, just now I was playing a bit, taking down an outpost, lots of baddies running around killing them in the normal way, then all of the sudden, for no reason my CPU fan spins up to max and I drop to 5-12 frames super slowdowns like It’s the 80’s and there’s too many sprites for the Nintendo to handle, but it had been fine for the longes time then RANDOM “Sorry, the game’s fucked”. And I’m playing on low settings. No difference in drops regardless of FSR or Adaptive Resolution or manually dropping the Res make any diffrence at all.

        I’ve played some very fun games during these lockdown days, RDR2, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Doom Eternal, streets of rage 4, all super fun first time playthroughs, but FC6 was the one I was super looking forward too, and they fucked it, fucked it hard.

        And the worst part is: It seems to work far better on consoles. Still some bugs and problems but nothing as close to game breaking as PC, and that’s just unfair. Plenty of other things making it harder to not be angry at the 80$ I’ll never see again, trying not to abandon it but every other time I start getting into it and having fun it just starts fucking up and I walk away. Collie not happy. Collie not happy at all.

        Ok, well that’s probably enough bitching for tonight, I might add another rant, or I may have gotten it outa my system. Time will tell

        • collie man

          Ok, Last one.

          So this is good news but pisses me off even more. SOOOOOO the guys over at accidentally found a work around for most of the graphics problems and it’s rage inducing. So if you disable Ubisoft Connect’s overlay it (mostly) fixes the game. I have done so, and WOW. o I’m getting a 15% fps boost, enough to turn setting up a full click, frames are stable, tearing is (mostly) gone,

          • collie man

            hit post by accident, as I was saying…..

            fps are far more stable now, making it way more playable. There is still the occasional random FPS drop but now it goes to 40 not 5 and it last a second instead of the who knows how long but long enough to make you turn it off from before. Draw distances are far more reasonable now, horse riding is smooth enough not to be nauseating, weird overlay problems are gone, like before when in a tank the “I’m in a tank” overlay would constantly flicker in and out of existence, now it’s fine. There are still little glitches and flashes in weird places but NOW it’s actually a playable game, and I can get into it.
            Still don’t love most of the gameplay changes they made but now it’s a game instead of a fucking mess. AND WHY?!?!?!? TURN OFF UBI’S OVERLAY AND THE GAME FUCKING WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! HOW FRUSTRATING IS THAT!!!!!!!!!! makes me wana put my fist through the wall. Once upon a time i woulda asked “How could anyone fuck this so badly?” but it’s been many MANY years of gaming, and the rugularity of shit like this is just depressing. Atlest it’s playable now. Sigh

            • Jeremy Hellstrom

              could be worse … apparently games literally killing your GPU is OK now.


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