MSI Spatium M390 Is A New SSD, Not A Old Intel Motherboard

Source: Guru of 3D MSI Spatium M390 Is A New SSD, Not A Old Intel Motherboard

So Hard To Find It Must Be 11 Cents A Gig

The MSI Spatium M390 NVMe 1.4 SSD uses 176 layer TLC and a Phison E15 controller with no DRAM cache and connects via PCIe 3.0 x4 in 500GB and 1TB models.  The drives are rated at 200TBW for the smaller drive, 400TBW for the 1TB and both have a five year warranty.  To test it out, Guru3D fired up their Ryzen 5000 testbed and got to work.

The 1TB drive is rated for 3300MB/s seq. read and  3000MB/s seq. write which they did see in their tests, with some caveats.  The writes drop to ~1500MB/s after 80GB written which tells you just how much SLC cache is available.  Overall it is rather middle of the pack, which is to be expected from this design. 

The benefit is the price, at $0.11/GB MSRP it is a very good drive for applications which spend more time reading rather than writing.

Positioned as the PCIe Gen 3.0 MSI SSD value boat this is the M390, with performance numbers reaching 3300 MB/sec and a rated 400 TBW of endurance for the 1 TB SSD, this NVMe 1.4 compatible SSD from MSI might be just what the doctor ordered being very price competitive as well at 11 cents per GB.

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