Podcast #647 – Windows 11 Slows Ryzen, Flexispot Powered Kana Desk Review, Clearview AI, Twitch Leak + More!

Twitch gets hacked (might have been an inside job), Windows 11 is released, has some expected issues especially on Ryzen it seems, ray tracing is everywhere now including on RDNA2, Intel does brian-ware on a chip sorta, and Clearview AI is a bit creepy. Jeremy saves the day with an actual burger also. Plus much more! Check the show topics, thanks everyone!

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
01:12 Burger (?) of the Week
07:16 Windows 11 “Performance” with Ryzen CPUs
13:50 Twitch Data Breach
16:38 Samsung / AMD RDNA 2 SoC Supports Ray Tracing
18:47 Trying to Understand Intel’s LOIHI 2
23:33 4K Support Found in OLED Switch Dock
25:02 Quick Note on PS4 Bricking Fix
26:01 Predator NVMe SSD with INNOGRIT Controller
30:14 Nothing to See Here from Clearview AI
34:10 Who’s Excited About Far Cry 6?
38:30 FlexiSpot Kana Pro Adjustable Standing Desk Review
46:55 Picks of the Week
54:06 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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