Podcast #649 – Apple’s new M1 Pro and Max SOCs, EPOS H3 Hybrid Headset, GPS Bug, SK Hynix with HBM3 + more!

I know we don’t normally spend a lot of time discussing Apple, unless we’re poking fun at Brett – but this week, they came out with some shockingly good (it appears) tech in their new SOCs the M1 Pro and M1 Max.

There’s a bug in a tiny GPSd program that hits on Sunday. Should be fun. Also, SK Hynix is getting back into HBM3, and we review the EPOS H3 Hybrid Gaming Headset. We also talk about the Canon printers having no ink and being unable to scan plus updates to ray tracing in games for both RTX and DXR. See the full topic list below!

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
01:16 Burger of the Week
02:51 Random Discussion
05:35 Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips
15:01 MacBook Pros Have I/O Again
22:48 GPSD Bug Hitting Unpatched Systems
27:02 Canon Sued for Tying Low Ink to Scanning
29:24 Podcast Sponsor: SimpliSafe
30:44 Ray Traced Game List Growing
32:18 144Hz 1440p Ultrawide Monitor Under $400
38:35 The FPS Review Overclocks the RX 6600
42:55 Using a $1 Antenna to Sniff CAT6 Packets
46:35 EPOS H3 Hybrid Gaming Headset Review
48:46 Picks of the Week
57:50 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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