That’s No Gamecube! It’s A GamecubePC

Source: Hackaday That’s No Gamecube!  It’s A GamecubePC

PC Gaming, Plus Wii And GameCube Action At Native Resolution

Shoving a fully functional Windows 10 machine, built around a Core i5-7600 into a GameCube chassis is not enough of a challenge for the GameCubePC project; after all Dolphin is a well developed emulator which allows anyone to play those old console games on a PC.  Instead the project seeks to maintain the functionality of the original power and reset buttons not to mention allowing you to use the original controllers.

In order to fit in the mSTX motherboard they did need to replace the original base of the GameCube with a 3D printed version however the top of the system is 100% pure original.  In order to incorporate the power and reset buttons custom PCBs were designed and implemented and a 4-port Mayflash Gamecube-to-USB adapter allows the old controllers to work.

Pop by Hackaday for a look at what motherboards have been confirmed to work in the printed bottom shell and a peek at the printed components.  They don’t seem to have published STL files nor circuit board layouts yet, but if you would like to build one someday, keep an eye on the project for updates.

The GamecubePC is a multi-year project that aims to stuff an entire Windows 10 PC into a GameCube shell while still being able to play Wii and GameCube titles at native resolution and performance.

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  1. Michael Gumfory

    I would like more pictures of it. I would like to see how the USB and GameCube controllers were integrated into a PC system. I think decision would be ideal for more Precision gaming and a more user-friendly type environment. Being how they are small and easy to move in place in various areas in your home. Please let me know how this particular style GameCube PC turns out.


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