Thermaltake E700 Real Leather Gaming Chairs – by Porsche Design

Source: Thermaltake Argent E700 Thermaltake E700 Real Leather Gaming Chairs – by Porsche Design

The Gaming Chair Might Have Taken Its Final Form

I have learned to be more particular on my seating. I’ve tried the various inexpensive options – of course – but how was I supposed to know that’s why my neck and upper back hurt so much? I’ve tried the traditional racing seat gaming chairs that look like they’ve been lifted from a Fast and Furious movie, only to find they’re merely “ok” most of the time. But they sure look pretty damn good. I’ve since settled on the less exciting looking but quite good for me Steelcase Leap II.

But wait – hold on – this gaming chair design from Thermaltake, in partnership with Studio F. A. Porsche, might be the evolution we have been waiting for. The styling for their latest Argent E700 Real Leather Gaming Chair makes a short call back to the racing seat look, but has improved adjustability, appears comfort orientated enough for office work, and all leather? Yes, it seems that way.

"The new ARGENT E700 Real Leather Gaming Chair is more than just a gaming chair – our goal was to find the perfect balance of refined ergonomics, convincing comfort, and outstanding aesthetics. The result of this collaboration with Thermaltake defies any categorization – it is both a sporty gaming chair as well as an advanced office chair, executed in the best possible way."
- Christian Schwamkrug, Design Director and Deputy Managing Director of the Studio F. A. Porsche.
Thermaltake E700 Real Leather Gaming Chairs - by Porsche Design - Editorial 4

Inspired By Racing Cars

The new Argent E700 looks to combine the best of the aesthetics from a racing bucket seat, with the functionality of a more pedestrian office chair. Color me intrigued. Side integrated aluminum handles for tilt and elevation are classy, and you can kick back in increments up to 126° in tilt, and get low down to 16.1″ or up to 20.8″ in height off the floor. The base is 5 points, and made from aluminum also, with 3″ casters for superior glide and stable rollouts between your work stations. Did I mention it’s advertised as being made with Real Leather? Perforated in the seating area for heat dissipation and well … ventilation should you require it.

The overall look appears to take the supportive gaming chair up a notch with aluminum touches and controls, with the bucket leather seat and the choice of back colors for customization (and please do send me the Orange one for a long term review if one becomes available, Thermaltake?) The not really over-the-top blingy glossy colors are all scratch-resistant with the black and grey versions being matte.

One of the most important features (to me) I noticed was the 4 way fully adjustable and padded armrests which looked to operate quite a lot like the ones on my current favorite Leap II.

Thermaltake E700 Real Leather Gaming Chairs - by Porsche Design - Editorial 5
Thermaltake E700 Real Leather Gaming Chairs - by Porsche Design - Editorial 6

Fast Highlight Features

  • Premium Genuine Leather – 1 to 1.1mm thick, red stitching gives you game
  • Race Car inspired Side Handles – neatly integrated on the sides
  • Polished Aluminum Logo – gotta be on-brand
  • First-Class Seating Experience – for that full-body immersion
  • Perforated Leather Seat Design – breathability is recommended
  • Versatile Adjustments – four-way movable armrests are a must IMO
  • Adjustable Headrest – lifts up about 5cm
  • High-Density Molded Foam – for those long work / game sessions
  • Sit Straight or Relax – four lockable angles
  • Gas Spring & Aluminum base, Caster Wheels – stable on hard or soft surfaces

Coming Soon

Availability looks to be mid-October, direct from Thermaltake if you’re interested. Not insignificantly priced around $1200. Don’t freak – or do, it’s up to you – because that’s what real seating that doesn’t seem to cause back and neck pain actually costs. Unfortunately true after 12+ hour days, IMO. I would love to try one of these out, comparing it with the very comfortable, but sedate looking, Steelcase. I would welcome an alternative and more fun, racing inspired chair option to the market that didn’t hurt quite so much. I hope that Thermaltake in collaboration with F.A. Porsche can deliver on all that.

In the mean time, definitely check out the Argent E700 Gaming Chair line on the Thermaltake site to learn more.

More on the F.A. Porsche Design Lab too if you want.

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  1. Operandi

    A design company and PC gaming periphery company team up to design a chair? LOL, yeah that sure sounds like recipe for ergonomic success…

    A desk chair (“gaming chair” is not a thing) is supposed to support proper posture, not push your shoulders forward in a fixed postion and provide lateral support with side bolsters. Racing or aggressive road driving and sitting at a desk working or gaming (sorry but they are functionally the same) and have different sitting needs. I don’t care how hardcore you are in Apex Legends, you are not pulling any Gs at all.

    Skeuomorphism in design is usually bad but this whole thing is a skeuomorph; it doesn’t look “cool” it just screams poser and fake. People need to stop buying these things.


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