Windows 10 Wasn’t The End Of OSes, But Is The End Of UWP

Source: The Register Windows 10 Wasn’t The End Of OSes, But Is The End Of UWP

Security Through Unpopularity

Microsoft’s admission that the Universal Windows Platform has no future is a bit overdue.  It is not jut because of the minimal adoption of the platform by programmers but also because it really hasn’t seen any expansion or refinement in quite a few years.  Today The Register posted more details on where Microsoft is headed now, and information on what those dozens of UWP developers can do with their current projects.

Microsoft is still focusing on drawing developers to their Windows Store with an fresh looking Windows App SDK, which will be compatible with the old XAML language to allow at least some existing UWP apps to be migrated.  The Windows App SDK will accept the old apps after migrating them to a WinUI 3 desktop project, with some debugging of course, so if you did have a UWP app you liked you should keep an eye out to see if it migrates.

This change may cause trust issues for some programmers, the Windows App SDK and WinUI 3 in Desktop still supports C# and C++ but this is another SDK which Microsoft has abandoned.  Then again, Google and others do the exact same thing; part of the interesting life that developers have at the moment. 

Let’s hope the new platform supports reinstallation in a cleaner fashion than UWP programs which ran into errors did.

UWP was an evolution of WinRT, the API for the Windows Runtime introduced with Windows 8, and was originally designed to be a sandboxed system to make Windows more secure.

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  1. Fin

    I still don’t get why they are deprecating uwp when it’s part of their “next gen” systems. I kinda want to grill a sales rep about that because honestly one of the reason I bought a series was to be able to start learning to code for /with it . Kinda disappointed on that aspect.


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