Corsair Hopes To Dominate The Display Industry With The Xeneon 32QHD165

Source: KitGuru Corsair Hopes To Dominate The Display Industry With The Xeneon 32QHD165

They Already Have A Better Naming Scheme Than Acer!

You can actually glean a lot of information from the model number of Corsair’s first gaming monitor, the Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 is obviously a 32″ 1440p display with a maximum refresh rate of 165Hz.  It doesn’t mention the display is an IPS Quantum Dot screen, nor that it is HDR400 ready nor that it AMD FreeSync Premium Certified and NVIDIA G-Sync compatible; but you can’t fit every detail into a headline.

Corsair went for simplicity on the display, no fancy RGBs and only a power button in the bottom left corner, along with a small joystick to control the OSD.  The metal stand on the other hand is a bit excessive in KitGuru’s opinion, it measures 32 x 46cm (12.6 x 18.1″), which takes up a fair amount of space, even with the empty space designed into it.  On the other hand the cable management system, dubbed RapidRoute, is effective to route your wiring.

Check out the full results and specifications in their review.

It’s also using an IPS panel, offering a claimed 3ms G2G response time, alongside the addition of quantum dot technology. It sounds good on paper, but has Corsair really nailed it with their first attempt?

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