Crucial P5 Plus 1TB, New PCIe 4.0 TLC For You

Source: TechPowerUp Crucial P5 Plus 1TB, New PCIe 4.0 TLC For You

A New Micron DM02A1 Controller And 176 Layer TLC

The Crucial P5 Plus is an update to the original Crucial P5, with an updated controller and a new style of NAND from Micron. In addition to the new 176-layer B47R 3D TLC NAND chips from Micron and Micron DM02A1 you will find 1GB of Micron LPDDR4-4266.  To help with large transfers there is a pseudo-SLC cache, the 1TB model reviewed by TechPowerUp can provide up to 94GB of cache before you see speeds drop as you write to the TLC NAND.

While writing to the SLC cache you will see transfers of around 4.5 GB/s, dropping to 1.2 GB/s after that 94GB point; as with other TLC drives a quick pause of the file transfer will allow the drive time to free up the cache and restore transfer speeds to what you would expect.  Overall the performance of the new Crucial P5 Plus sits in the middle of the pack but the pricing tends towards the high end.

On the other hand this drive is rated to work in the PS5, where you won’t have to worry so much about the peak performance numbers. The drive also runs cooler than many others, which can be important in a PS5 as well as passively cooled or extremely small cases.  If you can find this drive on sale it is a worthy choice, but at MSRP you can get hold of faster drives for the same price.

The Crucial P5 Plus is the latest flagship SSD from Crucial. It is built using a new in-house PCI-Express 4.0 controller made by Micron, paired with the company's state-of-the-art 176-layer 3D TLC NAND flash. At $180, the Crucial P5 is priced similar to the offerings of WD and Samsung, does it have the performance to match?

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