DDR5 Timings Versus Frequencies Featuring The i9-12900K

Source: TechPowerUp DDR5 Timings Versus Frequencies Featuring The i9-12900K

From DDR5-2400 To DDR5-6000, With An Appearance By DDR4-3600

Memory reviews tend to be a bit of a slog, as you can see the timings and frequencies right on the packaging and that tells you just about everything you need to know.  There are some boundary cases involving single sided versus double sided as well as the overclocking performance, however in most cases memory reviews are not that exciting.  The only exception is when a totally new type of DDR appears, which recently happened and so we are seeing a large volume of memory reviews that are more interesting to read than the magazines at your dentist.

In this review from TechPowerUp, there are a significant amount of DDR5 frequencies tested but there are really four competitors to keep an eye on.  First is not even DDR5, it is the DDR4-3600 16-20-20-34 1T kit which provides a bar that DDR5 needs to improve upon.  The other three are DDR5, first bring the DDR5-6000 36-36-36-76 kit which brings the highest frequency to the test, while the other two are interesting because of their timings.  While both kits are DDR5-4800 one has the tightest timings of DDR5 at 30-30-30-70 2T while the other sports the loosest at 40-40-40-76 2T.

The results are very close, as is common when testing memory, but the details might help you save a bit of money on DIMMs if you are willing to give up 1% or less of performance for a significant price drop.

In this article we take a closer look at the performance scaling you can expect for various DDR5 configs. We test from DDR5-6000 all the way down to DDR5-2400 and compare CL30 vs CL36 vs CL40. Last but not least, we also consider these numbers in relation to what DDR4-3600 offers.

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