Forget The Console, Check Out What The Raijintek PAN SLIM HTPC Case Can Do

Source: Tweaktown Forget The Console, Check Out What The Raijintek PAN SLIM HTPC Case Can Do

An RX 3090 On Top Of Your TV

Sadly the days of people knowing what a set-top box are gone, as are the days of watching a cat fall off the top of the TV while stretching in it’s sleep, as you can’t balance much on an ultra slim LCD.  Then again, no one misses trying to move a 100lb CRT TV up a flight of stairs, so perhaps we can call it a draw.

Wherever you decide to put it, the Raijintek PAN SLIM will take up a mere 629×354×174mm (24.8x14x6.9″) and look rather stylish while sitting there.  Tweaktown wanted to test how much power this small case could handle, and so installed an RX 3090 inside, along with a Ryzen 5 3600X, 16GB of RAM and a Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus SSD inside.   To cool those components they installed a 240mm AIO liquid cooler; you could also opt for a pair of 120mm fans and a low profile heatsink.

The components were easily installed and kept at reasonable temperatures even under heavy load.  Check out the system build gallery for a closer look at Raijintek’s PAN SLIM SFF case.

The first case in our new SFF gaming + RTX 3090 series is the beautiful Raijintek PAN SLIM, with a unique design for your TV.

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  1. collie man

    It seems smaller until you see it with the components installed open, or with a monitor on top. Very cute tho, nice sleek designer case when most cases are more flashy these days. Unless I’m mistaken no filters, that’s not a good thing in 2021 imo.

    • Operandi

      Yeah the form of this is deceiving. It looks like it would be a bigger version of a NUC but its pretty massive. If you wanted a HTPC that can take a desktop class GPU it would be ideal, not sure how many people are going to use as a “desktop PC” like they show in the PR photos though.


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