Logitech Pop Keys, A Different Take On A Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

Source: Ars Technica Logitech Pop Keys, A Different Take On A Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

Good Bye Numpad, Hello Emoji Keys

If you are a fan of the old rounded keys which are found on typewriters and are looking for a mechanical keyboard with that same aesthetic Logitech might just have something for you.  Then again, the colour scheme of the Logitech Pop Keys might not fit with that desire.  Leaving aside the yellow shell for what is inside, you will find TTC Brown mechanical switches to provide the feeling of a click, without the accompanying noise.

Ars Technica were quite impressed by the lifespan the Logitech Pop Keys offers, as a pair of AAA batteries will last you for years of use without even needing to think about recharging.  As well Logitech did as good a job on the implementation of the wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 5.1 or the included USB-A Logi Bolt dongle.  With Bluetooth only you can connect to up to three computers, or with the dongle you can connect four PCs to the keyboard or use if to pair up to a half dozen Logitech keyboards to the same computer.

Head over for a closer look at the hardware and software at Ars.

The Pop Keys is definitely not for everyone. Its high-contrast, high-saturation color palette, rounded typewriter-style keycaps, and dedicated emoji keys will instantly turn off people who just want a keyboard-looking keyboard.

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  1. collie man

    So, it’s got dedicated emoji buttons….. Is this a thing now? Or is this for some specific demographic that I have no understanding off?

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      I guess the answer is yes to both. At least it isn’t an OLED touchbar?

  2. solarisguru

    A thumbs up but no thumbs down? Total deal breaker.


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