Neo Forza FAYE 16GB DDR4 At 5000MHz; Who Needs DDR5?

Source: NikkTech Neo Forza FAYE 16GB DDR4 At 5000MHz; Who Needs DDR5?

You Must Sacrifice Size For These Frequencies Though

The Neo Forza FAYE 16GB DDR4-5000MHz CL19 runs at a frequency on par with DDR5 modules and it does so with tighter timings.  The down side is that for RAM of this frequency you are limited to DIMMs of 8GB in size, not to mention a smaller selection of motherboards to choose from.

If you do opt for the Neo Forza FAYE 16GB DDR4-5000MHz 16GB kit and can run the the XMP settings stably then you will notice a bit of a difference in any program which can take advantage of extra memory bandwidth; this kit is measurably faster than lower frequency kits.  That is a change from jumping from DDR4-3600 to DDR4-4000, which doesn’t have much effect at all, nor did the overclock NikkTech managed, 5200MHz at a voltage of 1.63V.

You might get more out of DDR5-6000+ at the moment, but for reliability and availability you might want to check out this full review before clicking on the DDR5 reviews below.

In reality however DDR5 currently doesn't represent a significant jump in performance, primarily due to its rather increased CAS latency numbers compared to DDR4 (DDR5 modules usually start from CL38).

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