Patriot DDR5 4800 Memory – Future Power

Patriot DDR5 4800 Memory – Future Power

Patriot Brings the DDR5

It’s the near future for us in memory, so Patriot has revealed their Signature DDR5 memory line so we can better be prepared for it. They are reporting their Signature Line to already be 75% faster then similar highend overclocked DDR4 right from the start – we would love to test that eventually of course!

Delivering the goods, the memory kit provides for frequencies up to 4800Mhz and are said to range into the 8400Mhz range into the future. Not too bad! Capacities will range from 8GB to 64GB, which is typical for desktop PCs and gaming systems of course.

"We've been working jointly with motherboard makers to ensure our DDR5 memory product line has excellent stability and compatibility with INTEL's latest ALDER LAKE desktop processor and Z690 platforms," said Roger Shinmoto, VP of PATRIOT Memory.
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Along with intelligent power management, which under normal conditions requires slightly less voltage then DDR4 (down to 1.1v), Patriot states their modules will have the possibility of increased voltage tweaking and ranges for squeezing the last bit of performance on your tuned overclock. Assuming you’ve got the time to spend with that of course.

Now With ECC!

In addition, the latest on-die ECC (Error-Correcting Code) can enhance the accuracy of data coming out of these modules, with an increase in system stability. I think I am most looking forward to this, even though bit errors are not common, it does happen. Like neutrinos. ECC RAM modules are more typically seen in server systems, so DDR5 and Patriot providing modules with ECC is a welcome addition in my mind. I hope the support for this ECC feature will be in all the latest boards from Intel and (upcoming) AMD.

Timings and Availabilities

Looks like Patriot expects to be shipping these in configurations ranging from single 8GB to 4 stick 64GB kits in November 2021, so look out for them soon where you shop, or where you put together a parts list for your next system. The black PCB’s from Patriot will be coming with CL timings of 40-40-40 in both single and double sided configurations. Don’t freak out at the timings yet, testing is coming. Keep up with Patriot gaming memory here.

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  1. razor512

    I wonder, do any of the discoveries and R&D in previous gen DDR4 help with newer versions?

    For example when DDR4 first came out it was quite slow, but they figured out how to significantly boost clock speeds while also reducing timings even though the core tech didn’t seem to change much.

    Why can’t they do something similar for DDR5 to start with? Do the fundamentals change enough that nothing they learned from the previous gen can help them?


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