The In Win Explorer And Airforce, New Flat Pack Enclosures

Source: TechPowerUp The In Win Explorer And Airforce, New Flat Pack Enclosures

Since IKEA Still Doesn’t Sell PC Enclosures

If you feel that the one thing missing from your PC building experience is having the case arrive in a flat pack, and in need of assembly then you should check out the In Win Explorer and In Win Airforce at TechPowerUp.  They both arrive in the same state you would expect a piece of furniture from IKEA, except for a lack of allen keys as you will use standard case screws in assembly.  That design has lent both cases a rather unique look which may attract or repel you depending on your preferences.

The InWin Explorer is the mini ATX version while the InWin Airforce is a mid-tower which can hold boards of up to E-ATX in size.  The two cases use a mix of plastic and metal and ship with a tempered glass side panel.  The Explorer package includes three 120mm Luna ARGB fans, the Airforce includes four and in both cases the fans are already assembled.  Of the two cases, TechPowerUp felt the Air Force was the better designed of the two, finding some less than perfect cut marks and symmetry holes in the Explorer.


The InWin Explorer comes flat-packed, requiring assembly, which makes for a unique unboxing and fun "hands-on" experience. Available in two equally unique color options, it is clearly not aimed at the traditional gamer, but may just be a memorable build for young teens gifted their first gaming PC.

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  1. Nacelle

    Does someone have a link to the STL? It totally looks like something I could print myself

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      I suspect In Win doesn’t offer them. I also suspect it will only take a few weeks before an STL for something very similar becomes available.


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