Weird West Is Well Named And Well Designed

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Weird West Is Well Named And Well Designed

“A Psychedelic Yeehaw Horror Vibe”

If you played Hard West you might think you have an insight into Weird West, coming out in January from the developers of Dishonored and Prey.  The names bear a slight resemblance and the environs seem similar, a western that incorporates a bit of eldritch horror where you control a character in an isometric view.  The game even spans the adventures of five different characters, each with their own story and goals.

The resemblance seems uncanny but is really only on the surface, as Weird West is a bit more of an RPG with character skill development and the adventures seem to take place in the same world; Hard West’s environs were quite separate except for a few special exceptions.   There are quite a few different skills, perks and special abilities to chose from as your characters grow, letting you customize them to your play style.  The game also allows you to ruin people’s days with objects in the environment, similar to Divinity: Original Sin, so if you happen to spot a barrel of oil you will now what to do with it.

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN had a chance to check out the pre-release version of the game if you are curious, us regular types need to wait until January to try it ourselves.

Weird West is, as already mentioned, an “immersive sim”. That is to say, it aims to give you as much freedom as possible in choosing how to accomplish your objectives.

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