Building Keyboards With Kailh And Akko

Source: TechPowerUp Building Keyboards With Kailh And Akko

Building PCs?  Naw, Now We’re Building Keyboards!

Kailh sent along a batch of new switches to TechPowerUp to use in a keyboard build which have some impressive names, including Red Bean Pudding, Fried Egg, Canary, Polla, and White Owl.  In order to test them out, TPU also picked up the Epomaker GK108 kit and their Skyloong silicone keycap set, which turned out to be problematic during the assembly of the keyboard.  As it turns out the keycaps are not completely compatible with some of the Kailh switches and so they had to fall back on to Akko’s World Tour Tokyo keycaps to finish that build.

Speaking of Akko, they also went through the steps of a second keyboard building project using their Acrylic Gasket Mount Kit, ASA Low Profile Keycaps, CS Sponge Switches.  It seems that by keeping to the same manufacturer they avoided the challenges from the previous build.  If you are considering joining the club and getting into keyboard building you should check out this review as well.

Kailh had gotten in touch a few months ago when the Canary switches had just been released, and I had planned to do a single switch build at the time, but then a few unexpected things came up, which led to where we are months later, and it suddenly became a full-fledged exploration series including Kailh's new Master Series of switches.

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