Check The Mesh Back On The Fractal Design Torrent Black RGB TG

Source: Guru of 3D Check The Mesh Back On The Fractal Design Torrent Black RGB TG

A Simple Idea We Need To See More Of

Fractal Design extended the mesh design often seen on the metal punch outs on the back of the cases to the entirety of the back of the Torrent Black RGB.  This has exactly the effect you would expect, increasing the airflow through the case dramatically.  With the two 180mm fans in the front and three 140mm on the bottom going full out this case offers significantly more airflow than cases with a solid back.  There is a small drawback to the powerful Prisma fans however, at full speed the system produces over 50dBA, though with the use of the fan controller you can tame that somewhat.

The case is quite large, at 544 x 242 x 530mm  (21.4 x 9.5 x 20.9″) and can house even an E-ATX motherboard, not to mention oversized PSUs and GPUs.   The fans on the Torrent Black RGB can be swapped out for up to a 420mm radiator on the front and bottom if you prefer to watercool your components.  Storage options are equally spacious, with four 2.5″ and two 3.5″ mounts; no options for an optical drive though.

The Guru of 3D did find some things lacking in the case, such as the fan controller lacking any ARGB controller as well as no rear fan.  As well, with a price tag over $200 they felt a little less plastic in the build would have been a good idea.  It is also worth mentioning there was a recall on the original fan controller, so if you picked up this case when it first launched you might want to reach out to Fractal Design to ensure the model you have is safe to use.

We're taking a look at the Fractal Design Torrent Black RGB TG Light Tint today, a tower PC chassis with a mesh front design that promotes airflow. Its design emphasizes flexibility and space and airflow efficiency in order to maximize component and cooling support in a small footprint while maintaining a strong sense of style.

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