Do Not Stare Directly At Star Wars Eclipse

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Disney And Quantic Dream Together, Welcome To The Netherworld of the Force

Chaos may no longer be canon but would certainly be the home of these two dystopian companies with histories of abusing artists and employees; that is the world we find ourselves in.  The culture of the two companies is not the only worry with the announcement of Star Wars Eclipse, the long awaited single player game during the High Republic era and taking place in the Outer Rim.

As with other Quantic Dream games you will be choosing between a roster of characters they’ve designed each with their own back stories, special abilities and motivations, likely swapping between them.  This can be done well if the characters are well developed enough to be interesting, and that is where Quantic Dream’s previous reputation rears it’s ugly head.  They have sometimes achieved a Bethesda-like conversation level, but often stumbled over that low bar in previous games.

It is possible that some of these concerns are unnecessary and that the game will live up to the amazing trailer … stranger things have happened.  We can also hope the culture of the two companies will also surprise us in a good way someday.

Because making games that look cool has never been Quantic Dream's problem! Look at Bryan Dechart licking up robot blood in Detroit, and be amazed! Then remember the rest of the content of Detroit, and grow concerned.

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