Final Fantasy VII Remake Comes to PC December 16

Source: Epic Games Final Fantasy VII Remake Comes to PC December 16

The wait is over: Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available on PC next week, just one week after it was announced during The Game Awards 2021. Mark your calendars, or just remember that it’s coming on Thursday (December 16).

My first question: what will the system requirements be? Second question: is real-time ray tracing supported? At least we have an answer to one question so far, as the official Final Fantasy VII Twitter account posted minimum/recommended specs (the embedded Tweet follows):

If you can’t see the embedded image, I have helpfully added it below. In plain text, you will need at least an AMD FX-8350 or Intel Core i5-3330 processor, 8GB of system RAM, 100 GB of storage, and a GTX 780 or Radeon RX 480. DX12 and Windows 10 (version 2004 or higher) are required. Moving up to the “recommended” system, that starts with a Ryzen 3 3100 / Core i7-3770 and GTX 1080 / Radeon RX 5700.

FFVIIR PC Requirements

The PlayStation exclusivity may be over, but that does not mean you can pick it up on Steam, however. Yes, this is another example of an Epic Games Store exclusive – something the company has spent over a billion dollars on as they try to buy their way to the top of digital game distribution.

A link to the Epic Games Store listing is provided here.

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  1. BigTed

    The first game I spent over 100 hours completing. Is the new one any good?

    • Sebastian Peak

      I was very negative about the remake all during production, and didn’t want to buy it at launch. Downloaded the demo and played it – realized they had done a great job in spite of the different play style. The original is still my favorite, but the remake is fantastic. Not everything they changed or added is to my liking, but they did a great job with the story overall.


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