Movo UM300, Slim In Size And Price

Source: TechPowerUp Movo UM300, Slim In Size And Price

At $60, What Was Cut From The Movo UM300?

TechPowerUp recently reviewed and liked the $80 Movo UM700, now they have followed that up with a review of the less expensive UM300.  Movo opted for a USB-C connection on the UM300 as opposed to the microUSB if the UM700 which allows you to plug it into a wider variety of devices, up to and including some cell phones.  The extra bandwidth doesn’t hurt either, but it doesn’t really add anything either.

The microphone can be toggled between cardioid and omnidirectional, with the latter implementation not impressing TPU overly, the cardiod mode was much better.  The UM300 is also smaller and lighter at 100 x 84 x 226.7mm, with the mic and stand having a combined weight of 703g which does make it slightly more portable than it’s larger sibling.  It also provides direct monitoring capabilities via a 3.5mm jack.

The UM300 looks great on paper, and is a decent mic for portable usage but compared to the UM700 it doesn’t offer the same overall build quality nor performance in modes other than cardioid; not to mention that depressing the mute button can be heard by listeners.  It is not a bad choice for a low cost, decent quality mic, however the $20 difference in price makes the UM700 a better choice overall.  Take a look at the full review for the full details.


For a mere $60, the Movo UM300, a compact USB condenser microphone, offers USB-C connectivity for computers, Android smartphones, and other USB-C recorders, along with two polar patterns, a direct monitoring port, and multipurpose volume knob. What corners have been cut to keep its price so low?

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