Not Safe For Warhammer … Meet Slaanesh In The Third Of The Series

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Not Safe For Warhammer … Meet Slaanesh In The Third Of The Series

Khorne Got A Blood Update … Be Afraid

Creative Assembly have been slowly revealing teasers of the content of the third expansion/stand alone Total War: Warhammer game, still due for release on February 17th of next year.  This short teaser video reveals a bit about the armies of Slaneesh.  Instead of spreading disease, enhancing a skull collection or delving into the unknowable, Slaneesh is all about the excess of anything and everything.

The hedonistic horde is rendered rather well, the closer you look at some of the models the more disturbing they get.  Unlike some of the other teasers there is not much more information about the mechanics of this daemon army but Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN dug up some details from developer videos.  The two legendary lords will be the Keeper of Secrets and the Herald of Slaanesh; the Keeper being the one having a fun time in the video.  Your armies will be good at hit and run tactics, which will come in handy when chasing down and slaughtering routing units to charge up several of your special abilities.

On the campaign map, you will be able to gift enemy generals with traits that will make them wish they’d never tangled with Slaneesh, as well as seducing entire factions into becoming your vassals.  Take a peek at the video right here.

As developers Creative Assembly explain in today's announcement, Slaneesh is "dedicated to the pursuit of excess, gratification, hedonism, pain and perfection at the expense of any other soul."

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  1. Ezzy

    It’s Slaanesh, not Slaneesh. Gotta be careful not to piss them off…

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      oh crap, that was a dangerous spelling mistake to make


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