Podcast #655 – N-Gauge, Intel DRM, Microsoft Browser, 3090ti, SilverStone ALTA G1M Case Review + More!

Can’t stop the PC Per signal, it’s like pirate radio.

Intel Alder Lake has just about got their DRM issues figured out, Microsoft is letting you have your browser and start menu, there’s just about no room left on the 3090 silicon so Nvidia is definitely doing a 3090ti it seems, there’s also a 2060 12GB coming, Roku and YouTube don’t break up, games of the week chat, M1 Mac external display support is … eh and much more!  Enjoy the show folks.

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
01:22 Burger of the Week
02:46 Qualcomm N-Gages Their Mobile Gaming Platform
09:13 Intel Alder Lake DRM Issue Down to Three Games
12:31 Microsoft Decides Win11 Users Can Change Their Default Browser After All
14:35 RTX 3090 Ti Rumors
17:39 RTX 2060 12GB is Real!
22:50 The M1 iPadMac Doesn’t Have Good External Display Support
27:02 YouTube Isn’t Leaving Roku
30:49 Games of the Week
38:17 SilverStone ALTA G1M Case Review
47:31 ASUS and Noctua’s Very Large, Very Brown RTX 3070
48:58 Picks of the Week
57:35 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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