TourBox Elite Creative Controller For The Inventive Mind

Source: TechPowerUp TourBox Elite Creative Controller For The Inventive Mind

After The Success of The TourBox Neo Comes A Kickstarter For The TourBox Elite Creative Controller

There is still time before Kickstarter joins the crypto-kiddies to back some interesting projects, such as a haptic Bluetooth controller with 11 keys, three rotary buttons and four default presets to use in whatever way you might want to.  It might not make the greatest game controller, but for interfacing with video and audio editing software, or Photoshop type work the layout could make your life significantly easier.

The TourBox Elite Creative Controller benefits from the updates added to the TourBox Console software that came about from user feedback on the TourBox Neo.  While it still prefers Adobe software, there are various presets you can download and import for programs, such as Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, and audio mixers as well as creating and saving your own.

You have an option of USB-C or Bluetooth connectivity, so you can chose to edit your projects from the comfort of your couch if you so desire.  There is a fair cost attached to picking up this rather unique interface, the Kickstarter starts at $188 for one TourBox Elite Creative Controller, which is a bit less than the planned $268 retail price.

TechPowerUp takes a quick look at the TourBox Elite here if you are interested.

TourBox made a name for itself with the Neo creative controller in 2018 and ramps things up with the all-new TourBox Elite. It is the first Bluetooth creative controller with extensive hardware and software customization via a plethora of buttons, dials, and wheels supported by presets and options for content creators to have a more efficient workflow.

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  1. razor512

    Really pricey for the hardware.
    Basically half of a basic game controller with 3 rotary encoders.

    One device that I have found to be extremely useful for my Davinci Resolve and premiere CC workflow is an old Logitech G510 gaming keyboard. Mainly use to the 18 macro keys on the keyboard.
    I also use an old Logitech G700 since the extra mouse buttons can be bound to other functions in those applications, e.g., binding an additional mouse button to the cut tool as well as ripple delete.

    Beyond that the gaming keyboards are great with more complex macros, such as having a single button arrange various nodes and settings to isolate skin tones, thus you can color grade without impacting skin tones. Those functions save a lot of time, since many tasks involve a number of initial starting steps that do not change much, thus those are great to automate, thus allowing you to get right into fine tuning.


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