Expanded Details On NVIDIA And AMDs New GPUs

Source: Ars Technica Expanded Details On NVIDIA And AMDs New GPUs

CES Is Often About The Speed, Not The Details

Expect to see a lot of updates as we try to keep up with the impressive amount of news coming out of CES, hopefully with some follow up posts as we receive more details, or in some cases error correction.  Sebastian introduced you to AMD’s new processors, as well as a new desktop GPU called the RX 6500 XT.  We now know a bit more about this card, including the $199 price tag it should retail at, though as we have learned it is now rare to see a card at MSRP. 

The RX 6500XT has a GPU which has a base clock of 2.6 GHz, contains 16 compute units as well as 16MB of Infinity Cache to provide increased communication bandwidth between the GPU and other components.  The 4GB of GDDR6 will limit you to 1080p for the most part, as you might expect from a $200 GPU.  That theoretical price is actually reasonable for a lower end card, assuming the performance lives up to the PR, which is 23-59% over the RX 570.  It is also good to see it should be more powerful than the mobile iGPUs found on the new Ryzen 6000 mobile APUs.

On the higher end, NVIDIA teased the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, a new Ampere based GPU we should eventually see for sale at an obnoxious price.  This GPU is rumoured to sports 24GB of 21Gbps GDDR6X memory and performance of 40 Shader TFLOPS, 78 RT TFLOPS, and 320 Tensor TFLOPS.   The specifications offer a mix of confusing and disappointing.

The TFLOPS are presumably single precision and if that stays consistent then the RTX 3090 TI offers a decent upgrade from the RTX 3090’s 29.2 Shader TFLOPS and 142 Tensor TLOPS.  On the other hand if that is a mix of precision the performance might not be quite that impressive but will still offer better performance.  The memory on the other hand remains at 24GB of 21Gbps GDDR6X memory, which is a hair faster than the 24GB of 19.5Gbps found on the base RTX 3090.

Availability will be limited, as they have been for a long while now and the MSRP is merely a suggestion, not something you will actually see for some time.

At a CES press conference this morning, AMD announced the RX 6500 XT, a budget version of the 6000-series line of desktop gaming GPUs launched in 2020. The new card will be available on January 19 starting at $199—if you can find it amid continuing chip shortages, that is.

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