Forever Skies Sets Sail This Year

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Forever Skies Sets Sail This Year

Is Subnauticalike A Thing Now?

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN describes Forever Skies as looking  a bit like Subnautica, only up in the air and that is exactly what the trailer looks like.   There seems to be some sort of disassembly tool which lets you reduce some of the bits and pieces you find in your discoveries, likely to enable you to build upgrades to the airship you are using to tour the ruins of civilization.  There is also a scanner to give you more information on your various discoveries.

Forever Skies is the first game from Far From Home, with some studio members having at least some experience as they worked on Dying Light and Divinity.  Overall it looks to be a more relaxing Subnautica experience than a full out survival simulator, with about 30 hours in the campaign.  For those that were uncomfortable with the deep waters of Subnautica and Below Zero, perhaps open skies will be less disturbing.  This could be the exact opposite for acrophobes.

Due to enter early access sometime in 2022 (then launch in full a year or so later), Forever Skies is set in the future, after Earth is ravaged. A mysterious cloud hangs across the surface, now home to strange new life, and the civilisation which built upwards to escape now lies in ruins.

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