Humble Bundle’s Hubris, Support For Linux And Apple Ends February 1st

Source: Ars Technica Humble Bundle’s Hubris, Support For Linux And Apple Ends February 1st

Is It For Some Sort Of DRM?  Maybe Yes, Maybe No

Humble Choice, Humble Bundle’s subscription service, will be going through some drastic changes as of February.  They are dropping their current three tiers for a single $12/month tier, which does still give you permanent access to the games released each month, or at least until they change the rules again.  Current subscribers have been told to download their DRM-free copies of games they own before February as they will lose access after that … or at least until the games come up on the monthly list again.

In addition, the new subscription will come with access to the Humble Trove collection of classic games, currently there are 79 games in the Trove as well as a new Humble Games Collection which will be similar to the Trove but consist of more recent titles.  As it is brand new we do not have a list of the games which will be available in the collection.  We do know that the Choice games for next month will be Forager, Wizard of Legend, Dodgeball Academia, Unsighted, and Void Bastards.

There is one more change, and it is not going to be popular.  In order to manage this updated service, you will now need to install a Humble Choice app on your machine, no more direct access.  The kicker is that the app is Windows only, which effectively ends support for Linux and Apple on Humble Choice.  This is a rather major change as Humble have supported those OSes since the very beginning.

Hopefully they will change their minds, but it won’t be immediate so if you do game on Linux and Apple you should probably take a look at your current Humble Choice subscription before the end of the month.

Humble, the bundle-centric games retailer that launched with expansive Mac and Linux support in 2010, will soon shift a major component of its business to Windows-only gaming.

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