Jade Audio JD3, Relatively Inexpensive In Ear Monitors

Source: TechPowerUp Jade Audio JD3, Relatively Inexpensive In Ear Monitors

Function Over Form

The Jade Audio JD3 in-ear monitors may not look like much but there are some rather interesting features in these ~$20 earbuds.  The drivers contain 9.2 mm composite diaphragms with neodymium magnets and copper-clad aluminium wire voice coils which make the JD3’s a bit better than your average set of earbuds.  That said, TechPowerUp also found that they end up being only a little better than other in-ear monitors at this price.

Their reasoning is that the Jade Audio JD3 might be able to handle bass fairly well, it is anemic compared to higher end monitors; though to be fair asking a ~$20 product coming close but not outperforming something 10 times it’s price seems a bit much.  Long story short, if you are looking for very affordable in-ear monitors that don’t swamp everything in bass then these are worth a look.  If you have extremely discerning ears, then look below for some significantly higher end audio solutions.

FiiO, via its sub-brand Jade Audio, has released a wallet-friendly set of well-tuned IEMs to appeal to entry-level music lovers worldwide. The JD3 uses a custom 9.2 mm dynamic driver paired with a semi-open acoustic chamber and an all-steel unibody construction for improved build quality, and throws in an integrated microphone with line controls for a great price!

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