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Module Concept Applied To Plugs

If you’ve ever wanted to build just the right powerstrip, but couldn’t, this might be for you.   And it comes in colors.

Proving there’s a crowdfunding thing for just about anything, Innfact has launched an Indiegogo campaign on January 15th for a snap-together puzzle like powerstrip called Krait.   It’s comprised of four main modules: the input source power piece, the AC outlet piece, a the DC power piece, and the Plug end piece. It supports four AC outlets (1 side angled), two USB-C, and two USB-A ports. Each puzzle like module piece can be detached and re-attached separately.  Total AC power supported up to 1650W, while the DC side can power up to 100W, which nicely covers most laptop requirements over USB-C.

It’s a fun idea brought to usually rather boring component.  Build one in different colors and it has a certain appeal for those that want a customizable and funky portable powerstrip.  It can be configured as a desk / floor sitter or as wall hanger. There’s even a bluetooth app which allows for control of the outlets and even set timers for active / disable.

They advertise the Krait as being engineered to help prevent electrically hazardous conditions through protection circuits, surge suppression, and auto shutdown features.

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"Our engineering team has created an exclusive AutoShut design that delivers an auto-shutdown feature to protect the PowerStrip and your devices from overloaded, inappropriate plugging, and for when no load is detected."
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The Krait Indiegogo campaign includes five deal combinations and packages with different colors.
  • 49% off “VIP Exclusive Early-Bird Standard pack” for US$35 (Black and Limb White colors)
  • 40% off “Max Pack” for US$99. (Black, Limb White, Yellow, and Red)
  • 33% off “Standard Pack” for US$46. (Blue, Black, Limb White, Yellow, and Red,)
  • 30% off “Innsafe Pack” for US$55. (Black, Limb White, Yellow, and Red)

29% off the “Build Your Own KRAIT” plan for US$119. (Choose different colors with 3 pieces) The estimated shipping date is August 2022.

Check out the Krait on Indiegogo to get involved.

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