Podcast #659 – RTX 3080 12GB, 2k Watt PSU, NUC 12 with LGA, DLDSR tech, RX 6500 XT x4 + MORE!

Post-CES is generally pretty light for a few weeks, but not this year! Josh was out sick but Kent stepped in and we had a low-key discussion of the topics of the evening. The RTX 3080 12GB, a 2000w PSU, the Intel NUC 12 will have LGA socket, Nvidia latest resolution dance with DLDSR, the RX 6500 XT is only x4 for PCIe, the Intel i9 is hitting 5.5Ghz OOTB?

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Show Topics

00:00 Intro
02:07 NVIDIA introduces a 12GB version of the RTX 3080
07:50 NVIDIA’s latest driver brings another scaling tech: DLDSR
11:12 Does it matter that AMD’s Radeon RX 6500 XT is limited to a x4 interface?
13:55 Intel’s 5.5 GHz Core i9-12900KS announced
15:40 NUC 12 Extreme uses DESKTOP processors, has standard LGA socket
20:14 Podcast Sponsor: Linkedin Jobs
21:17 Samsung has apparently delayed the Exynos 2200 with RDNA2 graphics
23:21 PCI Express 6.0 announced
24:53 Norton-owned Avira Antivirus wants you to mine ETH
28:45 Canon’s copy-protected ink component shortage forces workaround
31:20 SilverStone’s 2050W PSU
35:59 Half Life gets ray traced
38:14 NVIDIA updating all Shield devices to Android 11
39:45 Picks of the Week
49:45 Outro
Picks of the Week

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