SteelSeries Arctis Prime, An Affordable Arctis Pro Alternative

Source: NikkTech SteelSeries Arctis Prime, An Affordable Arctis Pro Alternative

Just Don’t Buy Them Today; The Price Is Way Off

The Steelseries Arctis Prime gaming headset is intended to be a more affordable alternative to the Arctis Pro headset, the problem being that right now they both seem to be retailing for around $250.  If you hold off a bit the prices of the Steelseries Arctis Prime should drop to around $100 which is much closer to the MRSP.

The cost savings comes from the lack of the included wired/wireless controller which the Pro comes with, as well as swapping the AirWeave Ear Cushions out with standard leatherette.  You will still get a frequency response of 10Hz-40KHz with 32Ohm impedance and 92dB sensitivity.  The microphone has the same specifications as well, 100Hz-10KHz, -38dB sensitivity and 2200Ohm. 

The microUSB plug on the headset might look like a charging port, but instead you use in in conjunction with the included USB to 3.5mm cables included in the package, though there is also a 3.5mm jack present if you prefer your own cabling.  Regardless, you will be able to plug these into a laptop, console or cellphone with no issues.

NikkTech has the details here.

Featuring the same 40mm high-definition drivers as the award winning Arctic Pro line of gaming headsets the latest Arctic Prime promises similar levels of audio performance at a much lower price tag.

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