SteelSeries Prime+ Sports An OLED And A Lift Off Sensor

Source: TechPowerUp SteelSeries Prime+ Sports An OLED And A Lift Off Sensor

Not Quite A Hover Mouse But Quite Capable Of Lift Off

The SteelSeries Prime+ looks exactly like the SteelSeries Prime on the top, but on the bottom is an OLED screen which allows you to control CPI, lift off distance, polling rate and lighting in the same way as the SteelSeries Engine, without needing to fire up the software.  It also lets you display a custom message, if you so desire.  The second difference is a secondary lift-off detection sensor so you can accurately adjust the lift off distance in eight steps, though in testing TPU discovered the maximum height is still less than the thickness of a DVD.

The sensor is a TrueMove Pro which TechPowerUp believes to be a PixArt PMW3389 with a custom SteelSeries SROM, regardless of it’s pedigree the sensor is impressively accurate.  Apart from that, the SteelSeries Prime+ performs just as the previous model, with average click latency, fancy lights, good feet and mediocre main buttons.  It also cost $20 more than the SteelSeries Prime, a fair premium for an OLED on the bottom of the mouse and slightly higher lift off distance.

Compared to the regular Prime, the Prime+ features two notable additions: A secondary lift-off sensor allowing for more granular lift-off distance adjustment, and an OLED screen that allows one to configure CPI, polling rate, and RGB on the fly.

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