The ASUS Z690 Hero Is Smoking Hot; Seriously, If You Have One Look Into An RMA

Source: The Register The ASUS Z690 Hero Is Smoking Hot; Seriously, If You Have One Look Into An RMA

A Reversed Memory Capacitor Is No Joke

If you recently picked up an ASUS Z690 Hero motherboard to build a new system with, make sure you power it down ASAP.  It seems that there was a batch sent out from the factory with a reversed memory capacitor and in some cases that can lead to a wee fire in your system, which neither you, your home nor your components will appreciate in any way whatsoever.

If you have seen POST code error 53 during boot, there is a good chance your motherboard is part of this bad batch.  The Register also mentions the reversed memory capacitor on the ASUS Z690 Hero could cause a complete failure to boot; if that is the case you are probably already working on an RMA.  The boards in question will sport a sticker with the Part Number 90MB18E0-MVAAY0 and a Serial Number starting with MA, MB, or MC.  ASUS is working on an easier process for returns, in the meantime reach out to ASUS Support from this page for assistance.

If you are curious about what exactly happened, The Register links to a video showing one of the boards and it’s reversed cap here

ASUS issued a recall on the product, or rather what they call a “replacement program.”

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