The Cooler Master HAF 500 Features A 120mm Fan For Your GPU

Source: The FPS Review The Cooler Master HAF 500 Features A 120mm Fan For Your GPU

Fans Of Up To 200mm Across And 30mm Thick Are Welcome

Cooler Master is not kidding about High Air Flow in the new Cooler Master HAF 500 mid-sized case.  You are able to install three 120mm fans, two 140mm fans, and of two 200mm fans, of a normal thickness or the thicker 30mm style.  For those that prefer their PC with a splash of coolant, you can install a 280mm/360mm radiator on the top of the case and another 280mm/360mm at the front.  One of the 120mm fans is mounted on top of the 3.5″ drive bays on an adjustable mount so you can direct air over your GPU, regardless of length.

The case can handle motherboards from ITX to EATX, the case itself measures 516mm x 224mm x 510mm.  GPU support is provided for cards up to 410mm, and CPU coolers of up to 167mm in height.   Overall, apart from the protector around the tempered glass side panel, The FPS Review were quite fond of working with this case.  It is spacious enough to make installs comfortable and it provides both impressive cooling and does not produce much noise doing so.

The full review awaits.

The HAF 500 is typified by a pair of 200mm ARGB intake fans, support for dual 360mm radiators, a 120mm GPU fan that can be tilted to account for various length GPUs and will be available in black and white. It features elements aimed to streamline the user experience and is designed for maximum airflow and peak performance.

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