The Silverstone HELA 2050W PSU Needs 230V In To Reach Full Power

Source: TechPowerUp The Silverstone HELA 2050W PSU Needs 230V In To Reach Full Power

When You Need To Power An RTX 3090Ti And A Core i9

The Silverstone HELA 2050W modular PSU is the first to ship with the 12 pin PCIe connector you will need if you ever manage to lay hands on an RTX 3090Ti … which you have as much chance of now, pre-release, as you will after January 27th.  It also has a vast array of more normal PCIe connectors and EPS connectors which are 700mm (27.5″) in length, but it is that 12+4 PCIe pin which can push up to 600W that is truly impressive.  Still, it isn’t quite up to spec for the RTX 3090Ti as that GPU needs an additional four sense connectors to monitor power input to get the most out of it, not that we have a lot of details on the new 12+4 PCIe power delivery standard.

If you are able to provide 230V input then you will get the full 2050W out of the Silverstone HELA, if you feed it the usual 115V, you will be limited to 1650W.   The PSU seems happiest under a fair load, not hitting 90% efficiency until 200W and peaking at 400W, remaining well above 90% once 400W is passed.  The ripple and transient load tests were more than satisfactory, however the load regulation is rather loose and the vampire power consumption was somewhat higher than would be expected.

If you need an obscene amount of power and don’t mind paying for it, this is the beefiest PSU on the market.  Check out all the details at TechPowerUp.

The HELA 2050 has enough output power to start a truck and comes with a 12-pin PCIe connector for support of the next-generation graphics cards releasing in 2022. Currently, it is the strongest desktop PSU money can buy, and build quality is also topnotch. However, it is priced accordingly.

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  1. Jacob holmes

    Does anything change if the PSU is plugged into a 115/120V 20-amp outlet? Or will it still be limited to 1650W?

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      Didn’t see any info one way or the other, and haven’t had a contact at Silverstone in a few years so no one to ask.

    • Sebastian Peak

      Yes, it will be limited if you are plugging into 115/120. 230/240 is required for 2050W. Just the nature of electrical delivery.


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