Clash Of The Titans – Intel Falls Behind Samsung Again

Source: The Register Clash Of The Titans – Intel Falls Behind Samsung Again

Apart From 2018-2019, Chipzilla Has Been King Of The Beasts Since 1992

Samsung has had an incredible year, with averaged sales up 30.5% from 2020 thanks to the fact that memory is selling as fast as it can be fabbed, up 31% from previous years.  Intel on the other hand saw a paltry 1.5% increase, thanks to the effect supply shortages have had on demand for new CPUs, and perhaps because Alder Lake didn’t start helping until November of 2021.  In raw numbers that is $81.3bn for Samsung and $79bn for Intel; total revenue is not quite as disparate even if growth is.

The two companies expect to have more production capability this year, but with demand expected to continue to outstrip supply prices will remain high and both Intel and Samsung can expect 2022 to be quite profitable.  That may be great news for them, not so much for us poor consumers.  DDR5 will also make 2022 interesting, if supplies and prices remain as they are Samsung could see even better growth this year.

Intel is not taking this lying down, Pat Gelsinger has a plan to push Samsung back into second place.  Intel spent $15.19bn on research and development in fiscal 2021, up 12% from last and accounting for a fair chunk of their total revenue.   Intel being Intel there were no details on what they were working on, but friend of PCPer Kevin Krewell managed to get Intel to narrow it down to their “semiconductor process roadmap and also in new chip designs,”  That certainly narrows it down doesn’t it?

In 2024 to 2025, Intel plans to start printing chips with next-gen gate all around transistors, RibbonFET and packaging technologies, likely to account for the bulk of the R&D budget.  It is quite refreshing to see how Pat Gelsinger is focusing on developing new products, the previous years under Brian Krzanich and Robert Swan were nor great for Intel, nor that exciting for enthusiasts.

We can hope at least some money was saved for Raja Koduri’s team as well as the storage group!

Overall semiconductor revenue grew to $554.1bn in 2021, with 19 per cent growth coming from the memory and integrated circuit (IC) design sectors, the research outfit said in a study.

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