Don’t Tell Apple But You Can Make Old iPods Awesome

Source: Hackaday Don’t Tell Apple But You Can Make Old iPods Awesome

Bring New Life To An Old iPod

If you are looking for a unique media player to carry around, which will be for more capable than it originally was then you should keep an eye out for older iPods in working condition.  There is a project which is posted over at Hackaday that will walk you through disemboweling an old iPod and install some open source firmware called Rockbox to enable support for the new additions as well as adding extra functionality.

The person who posted the guide, Ellie, chose a specific model of iPod as it contained a Wolfson DAC which many consider superior to current offerings.  To start Ellie took the iPod apart, removed the HDD and installed an iFlash Quad board to which two 512GB flash drives were added giving the old iPod more storage than it had ever dreamed of.  Along with upgraded storage came a new battery and even a custom casing which is transparent so you can see the upgraded inner workings.

In addition to more space to store music, Ellie can also play DOOM on the old iPod and use the clickwheel to control the volume on a MacBook.  Pop by for a link to the full project.

The iPod in question was a 5.5th generation model, prized for being the last to feature the Wolfson DAC with its good audio quality.

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  1. Operandi

    Looks like a fun audio project. Dedicated audio players are underrated in my opinion and with this you are something very unique. Bonus points for keeping electronics out of the landfill too.


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