EA Opts To Finish Developing Battlefield 2042 In Lieu Of Adding New Content

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN EA Opts To Finish Developing Battlefield 2042 In Lieu Of Adding New Content

Season 1 Is Delayed To Give EA Time To Add Some Basic Fixes And Features

If you pre-ordered the Season Pass for Battlefield 2042, perhaps this release has convinced you that perhaps buying things sight unseen is not the wisest course of action.  EA will throw those that did a small care package, including a single Specialist skin, weapon and vehicle skins, a melee weapon and Player Card, in the hopes that will make up for the delay in the arrival of the Season 1 expansion.  The delay does have benefits for everyone. as EA is choosing to finish Battlefield 2042 instead.

The list of fixes and improvements Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN describes are rather damning, though good to see that they will be implements.  They include adding details on how much you need for your next unlock, a better scoreboard, a better ping report system and supposedly voice communication will start to work at some point.   The updates should also make it more rewarding to play as a squad and focus on achieving objectives, something that was at one point a major focus of the game.

You should also find it easier to find out if your feedback to the devs is ever read as EA will be more transparent about what they are doing to the game as they complete it.  They also state they will be more forthcoming with what changes they are going to implement based on said feedback.

In a blog post, senior producer Ryan McArthur outlines the updates coming most imminently. That includes changes to the in-round scoreboard revealed a couple of weeks ago.

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