Fractal Torrent Nano RGB Mini-ITX Case Review

Manufacturer: Fractal Design Fractal Torrent Nano RGB Mini-ITX Case Review

The Smallest Member of the Torrent Family

Another week, another video review. Yes! VIDEO. But what is video, anyway? According to the online etymology dictionary, the word comes “from Latin video ‘I see,’ first person singular present indicative of videre ‘to see’.”

But this is supposed to be about a computer case, not the origin of words in our language (a fascinating subject). Anyway, CASES! And not just any case, a miniature (well, sort of) version of the excellent Torrent high-airflow case from Fractal (or Fractal Design, if they haven’t totally re-branded yet), which we reviewed last year. This one is mini-ITX, and it is called Torrent Nano.

We hope you enjoy the video, embedded for your viewing pleasure below (direct link here):

Product Specifications
  • 3.5″/2.5″ drive mounts: 1 (included)
  • Dedicated 2.5″ drive mounts: 2 (included)
  • 5.25” drive mounts: 0
  • Expansion slots: 3
  • Motherboard compatibility: mITX / mDTX
  • Power supply type: ATX
  • Front interface: 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0, Audio
  • Fan Support:
    • Total fan mounts: 1x 180 mm, 4x 140 mm, or 5x 120 mm (with included brackets)
    • Front fan: 1x 180 mm or 2x 140/120 mm (with included bracket)
      • (1x Dynamic GP-18 included in standard versions, 1x Prisma AL-18 included in RGB version)
    • Top fan: N/A
    • Rear fan: 1x 120 mm
    • Bottom fan: 2x 140/120 mm
  • Dust filters: Front, Bottom
  • Radiator Support:
    • Front: Up to 240/140 mm
    • Top: N/A
    • Rear: 120 mm
    • Bottom: Up to 240/280 mm
  • Component Clearance:
    • PSU max length: 200 mm
    • GPU max length: 335 mm with front fan mounted
    • CPU cooler max height: 165 mm
    • Cable routing space: 29 mm
  • Cable routing grommets: Yes
  • Fixed velcro straps: Yes
  • Tool-less push-to-lock: Side panels
  • Captive thumbscrews: HDD and SSD brackets
  • Left side panel: Steel or Tempered glass (RGB version: Tempered glass only)
  • Right side panel: Steel or Tempered glass (RGB version: Tempered glass only)
  • Case dimensions (LxWxH): 417 x 222 x 374 mm
  • Net weight:
    • BK TGD/TGL: 6.0 kg
    • WT TGC: 5.8 kg
    • BK Solid: 5.5 kg
  • Torrent Nano Black TG Dark Tint (FD-C-TOR1N-01) – $119.99 USD
  • Torrent Nano RGB Black TG Light Tint (FD-C-TOR1N-02) – $129.99 USD
  • Torrent Nano White TG Clear Tint (FD-C-TOR1N-03) – $119.99 USD
  • Torrent Nano Black Solid (FD-C-TOR1N-04) – $119.99 USD
Manufacturer Description

“The Torrent Nano is built to air cool your small build as efficiently as possible. Main standouts include an unobstructed base intake, an open front grille and one of our 180 x 38 mm Dynamic PWM fans (Prisma for RGB version) custom-made to achieve maximum air cooling while maintaining controlled noise levels. Enabling highly efficient cooling with or without a water-loop, the Torrent Nano is a perfect fit for air cooling aficionados looking for a small case.”

Fractal Torrent Nano Overview

Here are the key features of the Torrent Nano (via Fractal):

  • Fan and LED lights on TG versions fully controllable through motherboards supporting addressable RGB (5V)
  • RGB TG version includes a 180 mm Prisma ARGB PWM fan
  • Seamless tempered glass panels with bolt-free top-latching mechanisms for easy handling
  • Front fan brackets allow for unblocked airflow to the larger fan while catering to standard radiator sizes
  • Removable top bezel and routing clips with velcro ties make for easy installation and cable management
  • A sturdy, vibration-damped drive tray supporting a single HDD or dual SSDs with two optional mounting positions
  • A dedicated SSD bracket with room for 2x 2.5” drives included
  • Three bridgeless expansion slots
  • The GPU is situated just above the bottom air intake, allowing it to breathe
  • GPU support bracket that helps your GPU stay level
  • Dust filters for front and bottom easily accessible by removing the front
  • Integrated support for a water-cooling reservoir on the motherboard tray
  • Includes a PWM fan (180 mm) for balancing performance, cooling and noise

You can read full specs in the drop-down above, or by visiting the product page, linked here.

Torrent Nano Exploded View

The exploded view of the Torrent Nano reveals a fairly simple, and very flexible, design

Moving right along to performance, this is a high-airflow design after all, so cooling is excellent. Noise levels will depend on how you populate the enclosure, as well as how you tailor your fan profiles. The included 180 mm front intake fan is PWM, allowing full control of speed, and by extension, noise.

The front fan is pretty quiet at idle, though the system (CPU and front fans were both set to “normal” in BIOS setup, and linked to CPU temp) was up in the mid 40’s dBA under load. Not quiet, but I was going for maximum cooling.

Fractal Torrent Nano Testing Screenshot

In closing, the Torrent Nano is (in this editor’s opinion) a stylish high-airflow option, though it is on the large side for mini-ITX. Our sample with tempered glass and RGB lighting retails for $129.99, with other models $10 less.

The Nano offers, in addition to excellent airflow, quite a bit of cooling flexibility, support for large system components, and it looks and feels well made. Now, aesthetics are subjective, but I really like the look of this design. The only real negative in my testing was PSU interference with the hard drive bracket, but we did find a workaround (you’ll have to watch the video).

Fractal Torrent Nano Conclusion

Overall there is a lot to like about the Torrent Nano, and it gets our “gold award”.

pcper gold award

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  1. Operandi

    I feel like they kinda missed the mark by not making this a bit bigger and supporting mATX. If i’m thinking of doing a ITX build I’m thinking small foot print and this thing is pretty huge.

    Video work is progression well. Though I have to say I’m getting some weird vibes with the voice over and seeing the presenter on camera with the product but not having it part of filming. Should be off camera completely for voice over sections in my completely unprofessional opinion.

  2. BigTed

    Nice looking case but not sure about the form factor. Also, that logo on the front looks cheap – it needs something a bit more subtle.

    As for the video – I like. Just the right amount of snark and sarcasm.

  3. HOO-MAN

    Does anyone know what’s going on with the Ncase M1? I thought they ended production but if I go to their site now they have it for sale. Is this one last run or are they back in business?


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