MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC With Kailh Keys

Source: The FPS Review MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC With Kailh Keys

MSI Sonic Red Switches, Slightly Lighter Than Kaihl Speed Silver

MSI is hoping you might consider them as the supplier of your next mechanical keyboard, specifically their VIGOR GK71 SONIC gaming keyboard.  The board is similar to many ~$100 ones on the market, with an aluminium top plate and a removable added faux leather wrist wrest.  What makes the MSI board different are the MSI ClearCaps keycaps which allow the per key RGBs to shine through and their MSI Sonic Red switches which have an operation force of 35g, a1.9mm actuation point and 4.0mm of total travel.

The MSI Center software used to control macro programming and lighting settings is described by The FPS Review as “sleek and clean”.  The VIGOR GK71 SONIC gets high marks for it’s looks and overall design and is great for those with a light touch.  If you are shopping for a mechanical keyboard but don’t want to spend a huge amount of money this keyboard offers just about everything the competition has for around $20-$30 less.

Today we’re taking a look at MSI’s recently released mechanical gaming keyboard, the VIGOR GK71 SONIC, a full-size keyboard with light linear switches for $129.99 MSRP. Its motto is “Light Touch, Instant Kill.”

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