Podcast #662 – Two’s Day, End of GPU MSRPs, AMD Xilinx Deal, Sony Bungie Deal, EVGA XR1 Review + MORE!

It was a Wednesday like no other: a twos-day. 2/2/22. Now, we could have done an even MORE twos-day show on 2/22/22, but we didn’t think that far ahead. Also, that hasn’t happened yet.  Kyle at HardOCP discussing the end of MSRP’s for GPUs, AMD is buying Xilinx, Sony jumps in the game with buying Bungie, we review the EVGA XR1, Battlefield 2042 going to get finished, Intel 12gen laptop CPU performance, Android Malware and Raspberry Pi goes 64bit.  Check the timestamps…

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Show Topics

00:00 Cold Open/Intro
03:40 Burger of the Week
05:21 HardOCP Kyle’s post on end of GPU MSRPs (and reviewers)
23:37 AMD gets go-ahead on Xilinx deal
26:33 A brief look at 12th Gen Alder Lake laptop CPU performance, kind of
29:04 Intel had two billion reasons to build in Ohio
30:16 EVGA E1 is a wild prebuilt gaming PC
33:59 BRATA Android malware
37:36 JEDEC reveals HBM3 specs
41:02 Google relents on legacy G-suite user payment plan
42:30 Raspberry Pi 64-bit OS arrives
43:56 Battlefield 2042 to be finished, supposedly
46:07 Sony buys Bungie
49:40 EVGA XR1 review
55:40 Picks of the Week
1:07:58 Outro
Picks of the Week

Video News

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